wondrous innocence

braids & ponytails double-dutching

twisting pavements       bouncing playgrounds


bright  shiny faces tease and  flirt

strutting sass      chanting names with

rhymes for beads & bowrettes


excited leaps to a joyous chorus

whips of fire      spree of majesty

jewels of wazuri  frolic


queens of  fancy-yet-crowned




    • grichards01 says:

      Thanks Diva. As a child, I was amazed by how effortlessly the girls performed Double-Dutch. Also I never saw boys doing it. Maybe we couldn’t. I know I couldn’t. Beauty, grace, balance and energy would serve them well as future queens.

    • Gilbert H Richards says:

      Thank you. I tried to give the feel of jumping rope –jumping, twisting, and chanting rhymes. Good times. Fun to watch. A cultural phenomenon !

  1. Beatrice Tetterton says:

    “Little Black Girls” takes me back in the day when we played jump rope /double- dutch , we laugh and play outside all day. Boy, did we get some good exercise! A very nice poem

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