In his debut book of poetry, Herd of Tusks, poet Gilbert Richards takes the reader on a journey, culminating his life experiences. Richards employs rhythmic and metaphorical descriptions and dialogue throughout 70 plus poems.

He weaves his stories through articulate verses over seven sections – Dedications, Dance to the Music, Love, etc. – that honor his late mother, encourage readers to work up a “cold sweat” like James Brown and partake upon his ruminations of love.

In the Morning

Dawn wakes me.
I rise with the arc
of yearning.
A sign as old as lust.
A salute.

Your clay body flexes,
flaunts and gyrates.
Each breath draws,
each heave weaves.
I smooth your wings,
round your crevices, polish
your jewels till the feline in you
purrs; the lion in me roars.

Morning yawns, our bodies wrestle
a raw rush. The famine of
feast is madness!
Noon delights
Cannot be far away.


Herds of Tusks is a wonderful penning of poems separated into sections like “Dedication”, “Dance to the Music”, “Love et cetera.” At over seventy compositions you will find that with each piece you’ll experience a breadth of subjects that are philosophical, nuanced and oft times heartfelt.

— Dankwa Brooks, Filmmaker/President, 'Nother Brother Entertainment, LLC


Herd of Tusks is a mesmerizing collection of poems about life's varied experiences.  From childhood memories of family gatherings to critiques of dancing, the words and rhythmic cadences both sooth and excite.  Herd of Tusks is a concert of drumbeats bringing visions, emotions, voices and touch to readers. Highly recommended for those searching for wonder in the everyday.

— Maxine Bigby Cunningham, author Power Walking: A Journey to Wholeness