Author: grichards01

AFRIKAN (Dedication of the Newborn)

Grandfather  cradled  me

Massaged my forehead with prayer

Chanted softly my name , ripe

as nocturne, soothing evening song


Anointed me. Summoned into my veins

the mighty Nile ; we seized the moment —

the mystique, the  ancient, the  eternal

wonder–of my being. Imbued

my swarthiness , resonant radiance.


Now my father cradled me.

Massaged my heels  with clay clutched new

Then arched me into the  heavens.

The Sky Eye approved. We

glow in the knowing.


Behold, I AM


wondrous innocence

braids & ponytails double-dutching

twisting pavements       bouncing playgrounds


bright  shiny faces tease and  flirt

strutting sass      chanting names with

rhymes for beads & bowrettes


excited leaps to a joyous chorus

whips of fire      spree of majesty

jewels of wazuri  frolic


queens of  fancy-yet-crowned



O BROTHA (1968)

Every brotha aint a brotha
Every right on aint right

This so called brotha tryin to rap
some ol bull to me bout ball n chains
But I aint buyin
Jus tell charlie
Gimme a chisel n hammer
& I’ll do what I gotta do

Now comes charlie
He gonna play dumb
but he aint stupid
He thinks
when I strike a match
I need a fog

Jus cuz I don’t start fires
don’t mean I don’t burn down sh**

Goes to show ya
Every brotha aint
right on

right on

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