(Jazz at the  5-Mile House )


When folkz vibe in  a   joint 5 mile high

They brewin stew –hot n happenin

Jammin gotta be juke  man!   Like Fuzzy Kane

Cool-hand Luke on keyboards

I like waving steam –know what I mean?


Now comes Ms Ruby cattin a groove so hot

The night wilted—jus dropped dead

Sho nuff we flowin—keepin it goin

Groovin brewin stewin –just like I said

Next up — Mr Saxophone blew a blast

Then copped  a croon       spit fire     sprayed cool

Jus kept it goin  spewin what we  knew


Here comes Mr Drummer  sneakin a snare

Poundin a pulse

Looky there     Looky there

He on the prowl Bringin  up  Mr Bass

Spider-plunkin  oh-wow

Specially this one cat who kept  growlin “I like that !”


Now that’s alright  cuz we too

Think the  models are  goldalicious

Struttin to  Travis ‘   nods &  winks


Now comes these young Turks

Boppin loose & steady they wanted some too

Showin  the ol timers plenty of what  they  do

Got  the message &  gonna  carry the  news

Sky’s no limit      Know what I’m sayin


Serve yoself  ample samples

& chill out loud

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