I rate  Herd of Tusks  4 out of 4 stars. The writing is engaging, the range of topics is balanced and it appears to be professionally edited. People who enjoy down-to-earth poems about everyday life will love this collection. Everyone can relate to the subject matter included: anger, grief, joy, love and mortality.

Kudos to Mr. Richards on a great debut publication!

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Sista getup get up
Rattle your red yellow bangles high
Higher than atlas Kilimanjaro
Get up get up   sway bounce
Rock your bead-braided head
Rings of colors coil your swan neck
From your throat  lyrics curl into  song
Your narrow twisting shoulders
Spherical hips  shimmy

Go on afro hispanic  caribbean
Sista let’s go   let’s go

Your jigida waistbeads  invite me
My conga pulse rises in rhythm
I pull your jigidas close
You pull my shoulders closer

Earlobes we savor. Our lips coalesce
Palm wine sweet luscious

To polyrhythms we rock we strut
I rise you pull
One motion we vibe we funk
we good